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Three Nautical Sculptures

Description: Three cast glass sculptures with stone bases; lively and colorful with fishes installed on child height pedestals so the children can touch and see.

Location: All Children's Hospital, Children's Waiting Rooms  St. Petersburg, Florida

Size: Various - see individual item description for sizes

Date: 2010


These cast glass sculptures were designed and installed at childrens' eye level, to be accessible to sight and to touch. These cast glass sculptures were designed to be fun, engaging, highly visible, colorful, kid friendly, and washable as they are installed in a hospital environment. Even though they are made of glass, each casting is mounted on heavy stone base so they can not be moved easily, and so that it is safe around small children. A nautical theme carries through the St. Petersburg All Children's Hospital, and the motif is seen again in the glass ocean creatures, fish, squid, starfish, seaweed, gold coins, waves, and boats. This project was funded and commissioned by the All Childrens' Hospital Foundation.