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Covid-19 Studio Update

Phoenix Studio and Gott Glass is committed to continuing to make high quality glass sculpture, as well as bring the art of glassblowing to those eager to learn through our many offered workshops.  We are making adjustments to occupancy and enrollment limits for our workshops.  Workshop participants and studio visitors can expect Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements and social distancing rules.   Our studio has developed new techniques and equipment to allow for safe glassmaking under our current situation, and we have installed "alternative inflation devices" on our workshop stations, based on a design developed by the Corning Museum of Glass.


Everyone at Phoenix Studio is required to wear a mask.  Masks must cover your nose and mouth and be a minimum of 2-ply construction.  Entry to the building will be directed through the studio front doors, where guests will be greeted by a staff member who will take their temperature scan.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 F or higher for two successive scan may not enter the building.  While in the building, guests are expected to practice social distancing by remaining a minimum of 6ft away from other individuals.



  • All workshop areas will observe social distancing by maintaining a 6 foot distance from workshop area and visitor viewing area.
  • Visitor viewing areas will also adhere to social distancing standards by maintaining a 6 foot distance between individual guests.
  • Disinfectant will be provided in studio restroom and at workshop bench area.  Workshop participants will be required to disinfect themselves prior to beginning workshop.  Communal handtools, pipes and punties will be disinfected between each workshop session by the instructor.
  • With the use of an "Alternative Inflation Device" (AID); a device developed by Corning Museum of Glass, will allow us to teach glassblowing to individuals without actually using human air to inflate the glass.  **see video below**