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about the work

My work embodies an interest in mythological imagery, symbolism, and philosophies from historic and susan-with-large-sculpture250ancient cultures. I love to travel and I am intensely interested in ancient civilizations, symbols of ritual art, ancient myths and how they connect us, most deeply, with our own nature and our place in this world. The resulting glass, with primitive qualities and metaphors, are a visual re—presentation of the cycles of life. The archetypal images that emerge explore spirituality, existence, humor, love, magic, dualities and the beauty of life. The human form is a vessel for my connection to Spirit. The elements of this ancient, visual language have become enmeshed in my thought and in my art as I create a new mythos in glass.

About the Process

The casting process is intense and involves ladling the molten glass directly from the furnace at 2300° F. Timing, temperature and the casting team all have to work together with absolute accuracy to create each piece. I frequently work with a rigid sand mold technique, for it allows detail and the ability to work on a large scale. The interior images, symbols, inclusions and color are manipulated into the glass before it cools. After annealing, the individually created mold is destroyed and each casting is one of a kind. The glass sculpture must be ground and polished and the surfaces are enhanced with enamels, copper, gold leaf, patinas and etching. Combining glass with steel and stone brings yet another natural element to the sculpture. Sand casting combines my aesthetic concerns and allows an articulate yet raw method of expressing this ancient connection to the contemporary.