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Earth Sign - Four Square diamond great hall chandeliers

Description: Earth Sign with Three Great Hall Chandeliers - hangs in the lobby of the Municipal Services Center in St. Pete, Florida. Three suspended, cast glass and steel frames are carefully designed and fabricated with down-tubes to support the weight. The four-square pattern is repeated in a larger panel over the main entrance doorway, the symbol of a city center, with hand-made optic balls in each. Halogen spotlights shine into each 'crystal ball,' creating optical rings on the floor.

Location: Municipal Services Center  St. Petersburg, FL

Size: 72" x 72" x 5"

Date: 1995-96

The panel titled "Earth Sign" and three hanging cast glass and steel 'Great Hall Chandeliers'.   The five foot cast glass panel and the motif of the Earth Sign project is a four square, diamond pattern. This ancient symbol represents a city center, where all of the parts of the governing city meet. Earth Sign is the symbolic metaphor for theMunicipal Services Center. The Great Hall Chandelier design was done in collaboration with artist, Lenn Neff. Each section of the four square diamond pattern has an optic ball in the center that has been ground and polished creating interesting optical effects to the viewer. The cast glass panel also incorporates Florida shells and symbols that tie together this beautiful and interesting city landmark.