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Pegasus and

Constellation of Pegasus

Description: Pegasus is the school mascot of the University of Central Florida, and the school colors are black and gold, giving the inspiration for the Pegasus design. First, the Pegasus was bas-relief sculptured in micro-crystalline wax and cast into glass in sectional tiles. Each tile is enhanced with 23-carat gold leafing.  The project is vertically mounted with stainless pins with black silicone over the main entrance on the central campus of UCF Bookstore; in Orlando, Florida.

Commissioned by Art in State Buildings Program

Location: University of Central Florida  Orlando, FL

Size: 5' x 5' x 3"

Date: 2004

Pegasus and Constellation of Pegasus were two projects in one, made from hand sculptured and sand cast glass. Installed in 2002 on a vertical surface, each tile is backed with backed with 23 Karat gold leaf and trimmed with black silicone to capture the school colors of black and gold. The Pegasus measures five foot across and has a bas-relief surface that reflects the 23 karat gold leaf backing in a brilliant flash of color as you walk across central campus.