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Library Benches

Description: Two benches, steel & cast glass, imagery reflecting community.

Location: Port Tampa Library  Tampa, Florida

Size: 18" x 60" x 17"

Date: 2000

Located on one of the most southern points into Tampa Bay, Port Tampa has lots of history, from the Calusa Indians that were native to the area to the large neon sign that used to be a marker for ships coming into Port.  The Port Tampa Librarybuilding was a former bank and a landmark for the area. After sitting vacant for many years, the county bought the building, renovated it and converted it into a community library. The two benches were origonally installed on the circular pad outside of the building in the courtyard. Each of the 28 tiles was created by Susan Gott utilizing kiln cast 'Blenko' glass, hand painted and set into a steel frame. The spot lights, recessed into the concrete, gave the project a beautiful glow, in the evening hours and highlighted the cast glass tiles.