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Sand and Sea

Description: Sand and Sea was commissioned by The City of Tampa and is located in the Channelside District of Tampa's Madison Street Park. This 51-foot-long art glass and terrazzo bench incorporates abstracted imagery of the beach and ocean. The terrazzo uses a Mother-of-Pearl matrix to add to the playful yet contemporary nautical theme, including a mosaic of yachting iconography and marine life. These glass seashells, fish, crabs, spiral shells, and anemones float in the blue water and wash up on the sandy shore. Some of the imagery was created with water-jet cut zinc and glass inclusions, and the overall project and installation were completed in collaboration with Steward Mellon Terrazzo Co.

Location: Madison St., Channelside District, Tampa  Florida

Size: 51' x 24" x 30"

Date: 2019