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Spring Rain

Description: Spring Rain - This suspended glass sculptural chandelier is designed with a circular steel frame that holds the solid-formed, aqua-blue 'rain-drops'. Each glass rain droplet is suggestive of the natural setting of the freshwater spring, which flows through the nearby community of Sulphur Springs in Tampa. The sculpture is illuminated by halogen spotlights and natural sunlight, which reflects on the walls to suggest the playful movement of water reflecting through the glass. This project was commissioned by the City of Tampa for the Spring Hill Community Recreation Center.

Location: Spring Hill Community Recreation Center  Tampa, Florida

Size: 72" x 28" x 28"

Date: 2012

A hanging sculpture, with a series of steel circular rings, holds large solid formed, aqua–blue drops. The physical formation of the glass involved many neighborhood students visiting the studio.

With Susan’s supervision, students participated and assisted in the process; gathering molten glass, shaping the glass, using torches, and learning about glass while creating forms with glassblowers.

As the aqua and clear glass teardrop shapes were completed and hung into the frame, the artwork evolved and took on a life of its own. The glass drops are round on the ends to create lively, prismatic and optical reflections as one walks around it. The title “Spring Rain” was a result of collaboration with the students because the sculpture resembled falling rain.

Moreover, “Spring Rain” fits the Sulphur Springs neighborhood where the sculpture will be displayed; and Susan likes to think of it as a reflection of the interaction with the children who will enjoy this sculpture for many years.

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See above how the community helped build the project
and the installation process