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We Are Each Other's Keepers

Description: Located at the All Faith’s Unitarian Sanctuary in Ft. Myers, FL, the wall-mounted sculpture consists of a trefoil of spiraling cast glass in a steel frame with w/LED lighting offset from the wall to allow a glowing LED illumination. Centrally located in the main sanctuary of the church, a place for contemplative Spirituality, the swirling motif suggests our connections to each other and the cosmos as the title suggests, “We Each Others’ Keepers.”

Commissioned by The late Joe Kotler and his Wife, Barbara Cameron, as a gift to All Faiths Unitarian Congregation, Fort Myers, Florida. 2012

Location: All Faith's Unitarian  Ft. Myers, Florida

Size: 52" x 52" x 6"

Date: 2012

This cast glass artwork combines the theme of “We Are Each Other’s Keepers” with a spiraling trefoil circle as a symbol of primordial unity. The theme is represented further by the use of the slightly abstracted, human figures that are holding on to each other. The figures float or fly within the interior space of the cast glass. The spiraling circles suggest symbolism of the cosmos and the mystery of our interconnected life force.

As humans, we are all connected to each other, to the earth, to the rest of the universe and time. As part of the accent color and design, I will create colorful spiraling circles inside the glass. These “Torus” Rings are a symbol of infinity, the cosmos and spirit. The human figures, faces and spirals are symbolic of the mystery of our interconnected life force and are the heart of the spiritual meaning of the artwork. This work will express the theme “We are Each Other’s Keepers” in a symbolic artwork that will become a timeless treasure for the church, a focal point for meditative thought, and bring the congregation years of pleasure.