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Come learn the Art that has mystified and entranced the world for centuries.

Work one-on-one with one of our highly experienced instructors to make your own blown glass ornament, paperweight, or glass sculpture.  This is a one of a kind experience that will leave you with memories to share for generations to come.


No experience necessary

Our one-on-one personal glass experience is designed with the beginning glassblower in mind, while having plenty of room to expand in future sessions.  Whether you are an accomplished artist, or someone who has a hard time with drawing a straight line, our workshops are guaranteed to give you a unique experience which will make you feel like DaVinci for the day.

Work hand in hand with one of our personal instructors as they guide you through the steps to make your very own piece of Glass Art.  You will learn to gather molten glass out of the furnace, shape the glass with various glass working tools, as well as experience the amazing sensation of seeing your very own piece of Glass Art take shape as you blow your breath into the piece.


Our instructors have worked with the youngest of youth and the oldest of the elderly in our workshops.

One of the greatest experiences is when a whole family can learn the fine art of glassblowing together.  All of our workshops remains very personalized "one-on-one" instruction, giving the student dedicated, focused attention throughout the glassblowing lesson.  You don't have to worry about being in a class of multiple people offering multiple distractions.


⊕ Safety and a fun experience are the two main priorities at Phoenix Studio & Gallery.  For the safety of our participants, we require they wear long pants and closed toe shoes for their workshop.  Short sleeved shirts are acceptable (and actually preferred), as we will provide necessary safety equipment for your arms.  Please wear only all natural fiber clothing as well (cotton, linen, denim, etc).  We ask that our participants arrive 5-10 minutes early to process paperwork and assure that we get started on time.